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I don’t know who your business serves, or what you sell, but chances are good that there are quite a few other entrepreneurs out there in the same industry or niche you are. Yet there are many hundreds of highly successful online businesses serving similar niches. Maybe you know some, and might be your role models and mentors. Maybe you’ve put off – or are close to – giving up on your dream because the market out there seems to be saturated; why would anyone buy from you?

Why indeed? Because, dear friend, there is no one like you. Read what Amy Porterfield, one of the top social media “power influencers,” has to say about it:

I have a question for you. What do Seth Godin, Kim Kardashian, Taylor Swift, and Richard Branson all have in common?

If the first thing that comes to mind is that they have millions of followers on social media, you are right about that. That’s definitely true.

But the answer I am looking for is the reason behind their millions of followers on social media. There’s a single strategy they all share, a strategy that drives enormous numbers of people to follow them.

The answer: their brands are big on personality. 

It would actually be truer to say that their personalities are their brands. From their signature look to their unique ways of expressing themselves, these people package their content in a way that sets them apart from anybody else in their niche.

When you have great content, really smart offers, and a foolproof marketing strategy and you are still not getting the traction your brand deserves, what you may be missing is personality.

People respect someone who works really hard. But they love someone whom they feel is real, someone they can connect with. And in a marketplace that’s bursting with hard-working, hustling entrepreneurs, people are more likely to follow their heart than anything else.

What you want is for their heart to lead them to you.

Amy Porterfield

So you see, your business is not so much about what you sell…….but what you sell. You will attract clients because they care about you. Sure, they could probably go somewhere else, but doing business with you makes them feel good.

Don’t be tempted to act like someone else, someone you admire and wish you could be like. You’re already enough. You are 100% successful at being you, but never by imitating someone else.

Faking is draining, insincere, joyless, hard work, needs constant surveillance of self, vigilance, and will expire when you become exhausted.

Here’s a little assignment: sit down and make a list of all your positive attributes, including your quirks. Ask people what they love about you (or like, depending on the relationship). Now suppose you allowed your personality to shine through your business.

Utter joy with giving yourself permission to be yourself. Appreciation from your happy clients. Now that’s a life!

Photo by Nadim Merrikh on Unsplash

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