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Well, here we are. I don’t think there’s a person who hasn’t been changed in some way, big or small, throughout the pandemic. Whatever your experience has been, we can hope for a positive outcome.

And mostly, that’s up to each of us. If you’ve been able to carve out quiet time over the past couple of months, maybe this feels like a curve in the road. Perhaps it’s a fork or an intersection demanding a choice. Or are you on a metaphorical cul-de-sac?

Whatever the case may be, “normal” is anything but. So……SHAZAM!!!

I’m changing the direction of Tala Arts from support for small businesses to support for people trying to find their way and make sense of their own lives. Where they fit in the big picture. How to find their way and intentionally, consciously make good things happen for themselves.

I’ve been in this game of life for a very long time and learned a LOT. I’ve been lost and “rescued” (there’s no such thing, really). From a shy, introverted girl bullied and terrified, to an empowered co-creator of my future, the most FANTASTIC discovery was that none of us has to be a victim of what a seemingly cruel life decides to throw at you.

No one has to “sit back and take it.” No one “deserves” to be bullied unless THEY decide that. You deserve what you believe you do; it’s your choice!

I’ve deliberately studied hundreds of people. People who lived the way I wanted to live, and those who didn’t. How did they end up where they were? I made it my life’s work to find answers:

How could I stop being afraid all the time? How could I be free from mental and emotional torment, and instead feel peace? Good things did happen, but they were temporary; spiritual darkness always returned.

My inner compass told me not to keep it to myself, but to share the answers far and wide. YES!!! That makes complete sense! Thank you for being here.

Much more to come.