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Your mind is more powerful than you might realize. Your belief plus the latent energy everywhere co-creates whatever you expect to have, do, be, and achieve.

If you’re skeptical, I invite you to look around at the people you know, or even yourself. We need an objective view here. Note a couple of things:

The situation they’re in now. Are they happy with it, or do they wish their life was different somehow?

Are they prosperous? Joyful? Financially shaky? Pessimistic? Healthy? Fearful? Anxious? Generous? What words do they use a lot?

Do you see a relationship between what they generally expect, and their current situation?

Our words and thoughts are like ordering at a fast-food drive-up. The universe bags up precisely what we ask! Who do you know (and we all know somebody) who says things like:

…I’m fat

…I’m broke

…I’m always sick

…Who would want me?

…I’m so old!


…I deserve to be loved!

…I know exactly what my dream house looks like!

…I’ll get there!

…Everything I do is for that *points to their “vision board”

Do you see a pattern? People getting what they ask for/expect/believe they deserve?

Mary Kay Ash, the owner of Mary Kay Cosmetics, was a trove of wisdom. One of many things I learned from her when I was a consultant back in the 80s was, “What you think about, you bring about.” Hmmmmm, interesting. But true?

Don’t take my word for it. It might be challenging right now with social distancing to check this out in person, but how about your social media connections? Your phone and video conversations? Do the people you interact with give off positive or negative energy? Do they make you feel light or heavy?

There are actual reasons this happens. I’ll save that for another blog post. For now, try to deliberately connect with positive people and avoid those who are negative. Do you know why our bodies don’t get crushed by gravity? Because they’re equally pressurized from inside. “Pressurize” your mind with positive energy, and you’ll be able to deal with anything! Start by surrounding yourself with positive people.

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