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About Tala Arts


I’m Ellen Clarke.  Nice to meet you.

This crazy idea blew into my head to make a lot of people’s lives better…like THOUSANDS. Being a lifelong teacher, guiding people face-to-face was so rewarding.

But this was a bigger vision.

Are you ready??

Small business owners benefitting from my extensive background to build THEIR successful business.

Tala Arts is your rocket fuel to handle those important tasks that keep you grounded. Want to know what makes my heart beat faster?

Seeing your business launch because you have new freedom to do the most important things!

More time for important tasks + more focus from you = higher profits with less work!

Years of happy clients

Business Owner Hours Freed Up Every Week


Commitment To Your Success

Cups of Tea

What is the #1 roadblock in accomplishing your most cherished dreams and goals? What ARE your goals? Whether you’re just starting out or have been at this for a while, Tala Arts is here for you and your business.

My Skills

I serve individuals and small companies. Create Graphics. Manage Email, Facebook Groups and Pages, Appointments, and Calendars. Elevate exposure through Visibility & Outreach. 

Small business owners are often frustrated by the effort it takes to tend to Every. Single. Detail. A Virtual Support Specialist eliminates the need to work 80 or more hours a week. For 23 years, my clients have trusted me to provide the best solutions to getting rid of their roadblocks. With Tala Arts, you can spend less time and make more profit. Click on the link. I’ll contact you to learn more about your situation and devise a solution.

  • Visibility & Outreach 20% 20%
  • Facebook Page & Group Management 30% 30%
  • Manage Email 10% 10%
  • Manage Calenders 10% 10%
  • Graphics For Just About Anything 30% 30%

I want you to succeed. The World needs more of you. I can help.

Let’s Start a Conversation