Identifying as either an introvert or extrovert* seems to be one of the hottest topics on social media. Since you’re reading this in Pimp Your Path, I’m assuming you ended up here because you consider yourself a introvert. BTW – welcome! I’m hard-core introverted too, and PYP is all about yammering on about what it is to be one, and being fully authentic to yourself in an extroverted world.

You can stop pretending to be something you’re not. Doesn’t that feel good to know? Hold that thought. I’ll talk about that in the near future.

*Either spelling “extravert” or “extrovert” is correct. I use the spelling generally used. “Extravert” is used in the field of psychology (the “extra-” prefix meaning “outward – facing.”) However, “extrovert” is the correct Latin usage of the prefix.

First things first –

Being an introvert and being shy are not the same thing. I’ve met many gregarious introverts. When I was a kid, adults in general used to equate shyness with being an introvert. Shocking to me! That’s just not true.

The source of your mental and emotional energy – how you recharge and center yourself – defines which end of the spectrum you’re on. Do you get pumped up in crowds, or do they make you feel anxious and upset? Do you seek out social events, or avoid them? Is home your favorite place, even – to be perfectly honest – being home alone?

Introverts often feel “different” or even “weird.” Let’s be honest – we live in a culture that prizes and rewards extroverts. The “go-getters,” “movers and shakers,” squeaky wheels, attention-seekers.

Stop being shy

Stand up for yourself

Be assertive

You can’t get ahead unless you get in people’s faces


Ever notice how the standard “role models” are almost always dynamic people-persons? Do you wish you could be like them? I did, all the time. Well guess what? You’re not, and trying to act that way goes waaaaaaay out of your comfort zone. To the point of feeling like a total fake, right? There’s a better way, a way to be you without fighting with yourself, or wasting time wishing you were something you’re not. Oh, do you really believe the world sees us as “weird,” or is it that we’re simply misunderstood? Let’s change that.

All introverts I know are quiet and thoughtful. There are probably exceptions. If you’re not the quiet and thoughtful type but consider yourself an introvert, I’d love to hear from you in the comments below. I appreciate any and all feedback, as that allows me to serve you better. Being quiet, thoughtful and centered are superpowers. Did you know that? While at times the world seems to dissolve in chaos, it’s the clear thinkers who remain calm that make the wisest decisions. Do you have a reputation for giving good advice about difficult situations? Well there you go.

Pimping Your Path means cultivating your many and fantastic talents, gifts, and ideas – maybe there are some stuffed deep down inside wanting desperately to see daylight. They have ways of letting you know, don’t they? Dreams, coincidences, addictive behaviors that try to stuff them back down, anger and irritation….. That’s another topic I’ll be exploring soon. You were made as you for a reason. You’re just now coming into your own. Fifty years (and less) ago, my own introversion was treated as a mental illness. NO!! The world needs us!