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I created my website six years ago. True to some perfectionist tendencies, I come up with a “better” idea once the design is done. It’s been through something like four complete changes; at some point, I have to say ENOUGH! and just do the thing.

All I want to do is make the world better – even one person at a time. I believe these times require us to use our innate gifts boldly and without hesitation. I believe the strongest among us have been through a bunch of shit – and it seems to me that most of that shit lives inside us as wrong perceptions of ourselves. We’re living off negative ideas we accumulated since our day of birth.

Women who are introverted, empathetic, sensitive, intuitive, and usually quiet have a really tough time in our extroverted, loud world. I know – I am one.

I’m mentoring those who identify as women so they can be a powerful force in society. We have been kicked in the face and shoved to the back. We CAN and SHALL be a force for good change without acting like extroverts (we’re not very good at it, and it’s exhausting anyway).

If you relate to this, stick around to see what’s coming. You can be a force that originates from your authentic self.

In the coming days, you’ll be seeing Tala Arts’ new website – the foundation of growth and manifestation of us and, by extension, the world. Let’s do this!

I’ll close with Tala Arts’ Manifesto:

I am committed to a world that honors and cherishes all women — where their social and personal circumstances do not block the realization of their dreams, opportunities, or quality of life.

I am committed to a world that promotes social justice, human dignity, and individual gifts, especially those howling for release.

I am committed to a world that elevates intelligent thinking, respect for all life forms, shared knowledge, and honorable behavior.

I am committed to a world that sparks collaboration among diverse individuals working together for the common good.