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Solitude! You likely know the main trait that characterizes an introvert – you need solitude to recharge. If you’re like me, crowds, chatty people, loud places, a hectic schedule, in-your-face co-worker……you get the idea…….are so draining. They can even make you feel sick, right? Way too much energy!

Quiet, peace, and calm is all you want, right? Charging your battery and re-centering should be a priority to regain your feeling of power. No one does it quite as well as introverts. Quiet time restores your ability to be more effective at everything you do, including influencing others. Recharging time is the foundation of all your other powers, so why not make it a priority? Longer and less frequent quiet time works better for me, but you might find short 5-minute slow breathing or meditation breaks works. Whatever you choose, it’s important to commit to it to avoid feeling drained and tired. A friend of mine devotes time every evening – calls it her “Sacred Hour.” She reads, has a glass of wine, listens to music.

Real Benefits of Alone Time Unleash Your Powers

When your mind is calm, it’s free to create. Solutions to problems, new ideas, new ways of thinking appear out of nowhere. What a powerful force of change and influence is possible when these ideas are shared!

Plugging yourself into a source of energy happens when you have quiet time. Your brain cells click back into place. From this place, you can influence others in strength and peace.

You get to know yourself on a deeper and more solid level. From there, you understand others and the world more deeply. As a result, you will make better decisions and have greater empathy for, and rapport with, others. When you interact from a position of strength, on your own terms, your personal relations will be more positive for you.

Holding quiet time will help you to stay focused on what’s important to you. What do you want to accomplish, either personally or professionally? A mind free of chaos and confusion is like the eye of a hurricane. It doesn’t matter how crazy the winds are; at the center all is calm and serene. It’s a lot easier to stay focused when you do. It’s awesome! A pretty huge advantage over most people, and you rarely have to worry about getting distracted. People will wonder how you do it!

So now that you know how influential you can be, how exactly do you DO it?

Commit to it. Protect it, put boundaries around it, make it sacred. Mark it in your daily calendar. Set a reminder. Get up an hour earlier every day if you need to. If you’re around people all day, as in work, take your lunch alone. Go for a walk, find a bench, sit in your car. Just get away from people for your lunch. I call it what it is – HIDE!  Your alone time is sacred and necessary. Without it, you’re at the mercy of whatever direction the proverbial winds blow. Remember – solitude is your energy source, your medicine.

Unplug from the internet and phone during your quiet time. Need I say more?

Do yourself a favor by moving your body in some way, journaling your thoughts and ideas, have naps, breathe deeply, meditate. Get your thoughts out of your head and onto paper. I recommend writing in a journal by hand. The brain-hand connection comes from the creative area of your brain. That helps your words spill out in an organized way. Whatever gives you a positive feeling. Go near water for some negative (mood-lifting) ions.

You’re charged up and ready!