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Introspection. Your ability to see and understand what’s going on behind the scenes, into the processes and thoughts that shore up organizations and structures is awesome. Do you enjoy research, looking at something from all angles? Planning? What an incredible advantage you have over those who just “wing it” and hope for the best!

You tend to become an expert of sorts in your chosen topic. You’ve done your homework and learned about the subject. Suppose for example you have a job interview coming up. Your ability to look at things from all angles might inform you about the details of the company, the person hiring you, the industry, and the job itself. What hiring manager wouldn’t be impressed?

On a personal level, maybe your introspection allows you to pick up intuitively on people’s “vibes,” giving you a keen sense of who to avoid, who to trust, and knowing when something is “off.”

In a situation where you’re trying to convince others in some way – such as in sales, or in a legal setting, business proposals, or negotiating – things are far more likely to work out in your favor because you’ve thought out and researched your strategy already. Do you rehearse a variety of possible future conversations in your head? Pay attention to them – it’s your way of being well prepared.

Your introspection allows you to mentally connect dots between things, broadening your perspective in order to see the whole picture. Creating a strategy is easier when you can see the whole of a situation. And it doesn’t hurt to practice what you will say prior to any situation that’s a little out of your comfort zone.

A warning – take it from me, it’s quite possible to develop what is called “analysis paralysis.” As a true introvert, I might enjoy the “introspection” a little too much. If I’m not careful, I’ll research forever and never get any actual work done, never take action. I hope that doesn’t happen to you, too! Your power of introspection won’t allow you to influence anyone (and therefore is not a “superpower”) by keeping what you understand to yourself. When I started out building Tala Arts from the foundation, I spent hundreds (maybe thousands) of hours on what I thought was everything I should know before going in, before taking the first actual step of creating the content, the very thing that will benefit people.

Don’t. Learn just enough to do something. One small step leads to the next and the next. You will learn as you go. The fact that you’re reading this is proof. I have so much to learn about how to handle my business in the best way. I wasn’t at all ready to start my website, or start publishing in my blog. But here I am, nowhere near perfect, fumbling around in the dark.

That’s so unnerving to an introvert, isn’t it? The need to know all there is before declaring yourself “ready” will paralyze you. Put yourself out there, make yourself known, share your talents, use your superpowers!