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Feels like 2018 just began, and here we are in the second month already! I hope your January saw you trying out new ideas! I tried a new planner this year – The 2018 Awesome Marketing Planner by The Girls Mean Business. Have to say, I finally found the perfect business planner. It comes from the UK. Included in the purchase price is a year of business support in Claire’s Facebook. You can take a look here – maybe it’s what you need as well! (Disclaimer: I’m an affiliate, and something has to be super incredible for me to recommend it!).

Since this is the month of Love, how can you make your business a lovely place?

In February, I’ll be talking about

  1. Building your creative business, including the inside scoop on marketing
  2. Setting up your workspace to reduce stress and make it very lovely
  3. Tips for organizing your work space to save time and effort


Since February is the month of love, let’s act towards one another as if………


Photo by Alisa Anton on Unsplash

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