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As soon as I decided to sit down to write a blog post on a more *personal* level, all kinds of silly things became more “important.” Sleep ~ emails ~ talking to my parakeet ~ a new to-do list app ~ and dare I say? Vacuuming.

I’m used to being a teacher, not a heart-on-sleeve-wearing blogger! But – taking my work to the next level means leaving the old comfy couch, right?

Today’s blog post is a bit of a confession. My heart’s desire is ~ and always has been ~ to be a spiritual lighthouse for Human Bean Seekers (haha I just made that up. HBSL…Human Bean Seekers’ Lighthouse doesn’t exactly make a great acronym, does it?? But it IS funny).

But anyway, no truly sane, reasonable, and responsible person would think choosing this direction is a good idea, would they? I mean, I need to be fair and practical. What in the hellya doing, girl?

We’ve all heard such encouraging *cough* sentiments and believed them, haven’t we? And sometimes we act ~ I don’t know…apologetic…for our beautiful selves as if we’re miscreants. Why why why do we sell ourselves short??

Admit it ~ it’s a tiny bit relieving just to say, “Yeah, you’re right. what was I thinking?!” And go back to counting beans. Ahhh, but as I’ve just shown you, there are other kinds of beans. Beans that do need to be counted! And that brings me back to the subject.

You see, after a few decades on Earth, I’ve learned a thing or two. Or a few. One ~ You have a set of skills, knowledge, and inner knowing that is unique in all the world; only you can be you. Two ~ there’s something that lights you up when you do it. If nothing lights you up, you just haven’t found it yet. Three ~ the world will be a better place for us, and you once you mix One and Two and put your foot on the gas. That’s NO!! (as in nitrous oxide, haha!)

The only way to accomplish stuff is just to do it, even if it sucks in the beginning. That’s why I’m back to blogging. Horray!! I can’t wait to get to know you and your dreams!

Photo by Samuele Giglio on Unsplash

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