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Did you know April 3rd is National Find-a-Rainbow Day? I didn’t till today, but how cool!

Rainbows are magic, probably since we have no control over them. Can’t make ’em, and the conditions have to be just right to get lucky and see one.

They delight us; symbolizing hope, unity, an end of despair, and a sign of heading in the right direction. For me, they’re reminders that the universe has my back and all my hard work and stress will bring me to my joyful place.

Is that the “gold” at the end of a rainbow?

All of my life’s work has been preparing me to teach despairing women how to create their rainbow and find their pot of whatever they want.

My new course will be revealed and available on April 20th! It’ll be the first in a series for women who want to love their life but something stops them.

Expect to see rainbows…and you will.



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