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You know when your brain seems to crack open when a random answer to something you’ve been trying to figure out pops out of nowhere?

That happened to me recently. Here it is…

Life is a lot simpler than we think. Most things seem to come down to two choices at any given time: Yes or No, Left or Right, Up or Down, On or Off, Forward or Back up…..

Look around where you are right this second. Your everyday choices lead (past tense) you to this place in this time, reading this blog post. Where you ended up is the result of millions of binary decisions.

There’s an old parable about a wolf sitting on each of your shoulders. One is good, the other evil. They’re constantly fighting, tormenting you while they’re at it.

The question is, “Which one will win?” Answer: “The one you feed.”

While many binary options are obvious and easy choices when they’re good vs. evil, the winner in even the closest of choices will likely be the one you feed. In other words, the one you gave the most attention and emotional investment to. Even when it’s an obviously bad option, it feels more familiar and comfortable.

So it’s vital to pay attention to these seemingly insignificant choices that come our way. It makes the difference between, “How the ____ did I end up here?” and “I made it!”

Choosing a direction for your life, all the little insignificant choices you make will be towards that intention and support.

The One You Feed. Choices are in pairs—Yes-no, left-right, up-down, on-off, forward-back, left-right. Look at where you are right this second. The millions of little choices you “fed” brought you here.

And it’s not about living our best life for ourselves. It’s about living for each other in support and sharing what we’ve learned, for the greater good.

The reason I created Tala-Arts and Positive Madness! is to share with you what I’ve learned about overcoming whatever gets in the way of the life I – and you – want.

Watch this space for courses and other media coming soon!


Photo by Javier Allegue Barros on Unsplash

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