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So what was my motivation for creating Tala Arts/Positive Madness? When I was growing up, my school was super cliquey. You were either IN or OUT. Back then, I was so shy all I wanted was to be invisible. I certainly wasn’t one of the “IN” crowd! The popular girls, and the boys who hung around them, were always having fun and seemed sure of themselves.

How I wish I could go back to that scared little girl. I’d tell her you are NOT inferior. You are intelligent – you just see things from a different perspective than others. You are most definitely not ugly. So your gorgeous thick and wavy hair isn’t silky-smooth like theirs. Can you feel me hugging you now? You have yet so much to understand, but you will, and you’ll come to realize nobody is less than another.

Today, my purpose is to pass on to you – the precious soul reading this – and anyone who will listen, everything I’ve learned that makes life juicy.

I can’t change the past, but I sure as hell will fight to make YOUR present and future luscious!

Photo by Henry Be, Unsplash

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