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Learning how to stop wading through life and then drowning in heavy emotions is scary at first, am I right?! Change often is, even positive ones! Here’s how I helped myself – my first client! – overcome that hurdle.

  1. The best place to start is to grab a notebook or planner. It can be dated or not. Whatever you choose, it should make you smile and want to dive into it.

2. Set aside a couple o’hours (or more if you want!) of quiet time to think about what your life would be like without carrying all that heavy emotional load. Think 3-dimensionally; how would you FEEL? What would you be doing differently? What would you like to stop doing? Imagine all that weight lifting from your shoulders. I really feel it evaporate into the air! You don’t have to figure out how or where – feel it. Breathe in deeply – does the air feel fresher somehow? Spend as much time as you want luxuriating in your emotional spa, bathing in positive energy.

3. Now it’s time to open up that gorgeous journal. Write down every stinkin’ thing you want to change in your life. Be specific and daring! Nobody’s gonna see what you write unless you want them to. Your wants might feel big, hairy, and scary, but for now, you’re just writing them down. No changes, just writing. Some changes I wrote in my own journal:

Sleep late
Increase my annual income by $60,000. (Helpful hint: the more specific, detailed, and multi-dimensional your description, the easier it will be for life to fill your request.)
Eat close to the farm for health and longevity.
Do yoga at least three times a week.

Since specificity is super important to realize your desires, what does each of these changes look like? Example: How can I sleep late? I want to increase my income, yet sleep late?? Haha! But wait a minute! >>Cue space alien music<< I can’t sleep late every day or even most days, but maybe I can once a week. Hey, that works! And into my Google calendar it goes.

How about wanting to eat more foods straight from the earth? Let’s seeā€¦ I can go to the farmer’s market on Saturdays to see what’s there. If I want to do farm food runs during the week, there’s a farm not too far away with an entire store selling their produce. When shall I go? And into my calendar, it goes.

Lesson Learned: When something you want to do feels scary, break it up into tiny tasks. When you do, your mental alarm system isn’t triggered, and you have a string of seemingly insignificant tasks that add up big time! As the saying goes, the journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. And continues with the second step, and the third, etc. Nobody can walk more than one step at a time. So break your wants into single, safe steps.

The most important part? Just keep steppin’ in the direction you want to go. Sometimes it feels like I’m not doing enough or moving fast enough; that I should be working harder to make faster progress. You might feel that way too. Ignore it. Remember that it’s not a race but an expedition.

Lots of stuff scares me. Even positive things because of the implied responsibilities associated with them. But sneaking those little tasks into your day under the “fear” part of your brain’s radar is MAGIC!

Photo by Tyler Casey on Unsplash

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