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Don’t know about you, but I like pancakes for supper rather than breakfast. With fried eggs and toast. There’s something satisfying about taking time to cook really good pancakes – flipping ’em up and hoping they land back in the pan (hahaha…I could tell you stories of wet pancakes…sometime).

Flipping those pancakes sometimes reminds me of flipping unpleasant and half-done situations in life to make something better. An awful situation is just BEGGING you to turn it over and make something better from the other side. Maybe it’s a project you can’t put off any longer, a big career change, or a drastic lifestyle upgrade. Whatever it might be, it’s almost always MUCH easier than you fear!

How do you turn over an unpleasant situation? Start by consciously and deliberately visualizing what you want the other – ideal – side to look like. Then choose that outcome. Expect it to happen. Be surprised by the solutions and opportunities presented to you!

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