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Do you have a dream sitting on the shelf getting dustier by the day? I did. For the past four years, I dreamed of launching an online teaching platform that would guide women past blockages in their life. But…I realized that dreaming wasn’t going to get me where I wanted to be. I HAD to take action.

So what did I do?

I was afraid to come out of my lil ol’ comfort zone. My dream was (and is) super important to me, but every time I decided to take action, I’d come up with excuses. The real issue was – I was afraid.

Well, guess what? There’s this little part of our brains that triggers fear and anxiety called the amygdala. It played a role in human survival long ago when the threat of physical harm (like being hunted) was genuine. The amygdala is still doing its job, even though we mostly have to move it out of the way when facing big challenges.

I found the answer: by breaking down goals into tiny bite-size, harmless chunks that fearful pest won’t even see.

I was telling myself, “You have to make an online course to help people!”
“I know, right?!”
Cue paralyzing fear.
I don’t know how to. Where do I even start? I was trying to “eat an entire elephant” in one sitting.

So how did I learn to fly under the fear radar?

By taking tiny steps. The list of steps for my course often took no more than 10 minutes. Or sometimes, instead of tiny steps, I’d set a timer for twenty minutes, and that’s all I had to spend on that day’s project. Almost always, I wanted to keep going and didn’t stop at twenty minutes.

And guess what? When you walk towards your dream every day – even if just a few steps – YOU WILL MAKE IT!

My first course, ANXIETY-FREE IN 4 WEEKS, will be available mid-June!

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