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I recently discovered this physicist – Nassim Haramein. Of course, he’s incredibly intelligent, but also funny AF. He explains concepts without much math (which is lost on me). If he’s not a professor, he should be.

Now, I respect everyone’s beliefs and spiritual path – or the absence of one. My perspective is that whatever name one wants to ascribe to the conscious force that continually creates maintains, and grows an increasingly complex universe – God, the Field, Spirit, Being, the Higgs Field, whatever – is ok. My belief is that the whole concept of a godly being is far too expansive for us to comprehend. So humans created religion to make it all manageable and relatable. Religion asks people to have a LOT of faith and leave it at that. Trying to really inderstand? Fuggeddaboudit.

I learned on my way to one college degree or another that everything that is SHOULD be breaking down, decaying, into ever more simple elements. It has something to do with entropy (a measure of disorder). With only a simple understanding of physics, that’s my understanding. It’s some kind of law or something, that physical things lose energy and decay.

So – why does the universe become ever more complex? How is it expanding when it should be decaying? And how did it get to be as complex as it is now?

It seems kind of obvious that there’s some conscious force among everything. How could it be otherwise?

If this consciousness is infused everywhere into everything, shouldn’t it be unquestionably obvious to us?

I’ve struggled with this for as long as I can remember. Is this consciousness is too big for us to see?

Dr. Haramein’s explanation has to do with fish. They swim around their whole life in water, so they have no concept of water. What else is there?

Years ago I was into writing haiku. I still would be if I had more time:

two fleas debate

in a fur forest –

does Dog exist?

Do fleas know what a dog is? All they know is a patch of hairs as big as trees are to us.

I figure if Nassim Haramein thinks and talks about this stuff too, then I can be a wacko also, ha! So – what if the force we generally call “God” is always around us like water to fish, and we don’t know otherwise? Who am I to say it’s not?

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