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wizard of words ~ prodigy of prose ~ boss of blogs ~ virtuoso of verbs ~ maestro of memes ~ vixen of vocabulary ~ ninja of nouns


 w h y  y e s . . .y e s  I  d o !


Your published writing needs to be perfect to be effective in today’s global exposure. The sooner I get to work, the faster you start getting your message across effectively. With every passing day, who knows how many readers have missed out on seeing your writing shine? What do you have? Website copy, blog, research papers, ads, poetry, prose, ebook. If it’s made of words I’ll make it dazzling! 



“Research.” Ugh!! 

But if you’re a writer who needs scene details or fact-checking, it’s a necessary evil. But we at Tala-Arts are kind of strange that way. We LOVE the research, the challenge of turning up facts.



Imagine for a second if you didn’t have to write another blog post. Or type up interviews, seminar recordings, meeting videos. What if you could wave a magic wand and every audio and video file could be instantly converted to text? Amazing, right?! Do you make podcasts? Not all your followers can listen to them, or watch videos while at work (sad face) but they CAN read the same content! How? You. Are. In. Luck. Tala Arts LOVES to put words to website (or paper), Ask me how!

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About Me

With 19 years’ experience in a corporate office environment, I managed and organized tasks, projects, and schedules. Being the “techy” Site Coordinator for our company, some of my responsibilities included setting up and maintaining all hardware in the local area network for our building of 300+ employees. It was from my years of database development and management that led to Tala Arts’ strategic technology systems.

Customer service is one of my skills learned from working in the insurance industry, real estate, and my own direct sales business. It is said that being in sales is equal to a degree in psychology!

The same might be said as a teacher. Hundreds of students have learned to successfully play violin and viola under my cultivation. In fact, helping others to be their very best at their vocation is my raison d’etre. That’s why I’m passionate about helping you to make your business successful! Tala Arts isn’t just a business that hands you information and says “good luck.” You will get as much of my time and attention as you need. You can realize your vision. Your next step is to fill out the contact form on this page. Let’s start a conversation!

Ellen Clarke