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Action’s in the Now
I was talking to a friend recently who was feeling overwhelmed with anxiety and worry. When we picked her anxiety apart and looked at how much of the time she was focused on the future and the past, she realized, hey, all my negative thoughts and feelings came from...
What is a Habit Subscription, and Why Should You Do One?
So here we are in the middle of January. By now lots of new year resolutions lie about like roadkill. I hear you way over here, kindred spirit. I might be the Goddess of Dead Resolutions. Let's use a better strategy. Instead of intentions promising to do, or stop...
Abandoning Your Genius
This revelation hit me like a ton of bricks when it happened. I remember it so clearly; it was right after Christmas 2000. My father had given me a CD by Andrea Bocelli, "Romanza." My dad had come to the U.S. to sing opera, so he greeted any interest I showed in opera...
The Elephant in the Room
Today's blog post was a newsletter written by Christian Howes, my new mentor for the re-structuring of my violin teaching. I'm going to address an important and widely misunderstood subtext of music education.  Warning- While I'm not going to take a political...
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