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If you’re a sensitive introvert who is frustrated over where you are vs where you want to be in life, you’ve come to the right place! We all need a safe space like Tala Arts. Here is your entry point into a life-changing, mind-expanding, confident future. Do you feel you’ve given so much of yourself that you’re drained? Do you long for others to see the real you that you’ve kept hidden away? Come inside this safe, judgement-free place where you will learn how to dig down and discover yourself. There are many ways to go about this – you choose which tools to use. You might want to use just a few, or all of them. It’s entirely up to you!

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The Sky's NOT The Limit

You absolutely can break through your limits. What’s holding you back? Let me help you find the way to your dream life.
What Will Rocket Fuel Do For You?

Rocket Fuel

“If you are offered a seat on a rocket ship, Don’t ask what seat!

Just get on.”     ~Sheryl Sanders


Evolve With Writing

Writing can magically unleash your inner voice. Journaling, creative writing, letters never sent…the possibilities are endless!

Evolve With Music

Realign your mind with music! Music works magic kicking out the negative stuff and replacing it with positive! How? Let me show you.

Your Persistent Inner Voice

By partnering with your inner wisdom, you can enhance every part of your life. Discover what’s keeping you tethered to an ordinary life, and fly high!

From Yin to Yang, Back to Balance

Do you want to live an authentic life? How do you get there from here? What are the obstacles on your path? We will define your dreams, define your obstacles, and plan a route for you to get there.

Health Might Not Be Exciting - But Setting Yourself Free Is!

How to express the real you through your body.

From Hectic To Harmony.

Yes, you can live a peaceful life.

It's NOT You.

How to hold onto your last thread of sanity while caregiving.

Makeup Is Like a Good Seasoning

Have you ever wanted to try a new look? Try on a different persona? Know this, my lovely, you don’t need it to be beautiful – you already are! But maybe, just maybe, your inner woman needs some self-expression. Let me show you how!

So You're Right-Brained?

Having a colorful and creative brain is not a dead end, in spite of what you may have been told. It’s a new and unique way of living that can work for you. Are you a creative type? If your joyful spirit leaps and bounds around the soft and colorful edges of life, your gift CAN work to lead you to a new way of living. It’s all in the strategy!

Single? The Grass Is Greener Than You Think.

You CAN have your dream life without a partner.

Are You Ready To Be the Best Version of You? Horray!! Here You Go.....In 3.....2.....1.....

L A U N C H !!!

My Story.

Want to know what’s the most important thing to me? To guide you on your path ~ one sensitive (perhaps even shy?) introvert helping another.

It can be a difficult path trying to navigate life as an introvert who feels everything, and many of us are shy and have overcome it, or want to. I was always a shy, sensitive introvert who felt at odds with the world. As a child, I withdrew into myself for safety. My classmates had no trouble playing and having fun. I was afraid of it. My comfort was books, music, violin, and astronomy.

Maybe I learned this from my family, but food was comforting, especially sweets. Starting at age 7, I became overweight, and that defined me well into adulthood. I was shy, meek, scared of other kids, and easily hurt, although I kept it inside and acted like nothing bothered me. In fourth grade, a gang of boys regularly hit me, teased me, called me “fat” names, mocked just about anything they could find. I was shy, overweight, and wore thick glasses. There was an endless supply of material to use against me. Adults who should have stopped the bullying didn’t. Can’t tell you how many times I heard that “Ellen needs to learn to toughen up.” Yet no one ever once showed me how!!

Ok, so I survived that period of my life. The bullying stopped when the ringleader was sent to another school. Teasing continued though, mostly from girls, and sometimes adults making snide comments about my weight. You know, cruel jokes and comments and mean tricks. But it had already taken away my self-esteem, leaving me with self-doubt and feeling vulnerable (anyone could attack me at any time).

By my teens I had withdrawn as tightly as I could into a protective shell. Of course, if I had a dollar for every time I heard “You need to come out of your shell”……… I didn’t realize it at the time, but my anxiety was much more than a young girl should ever have to bear. Yet I blamed myself…….because everyone else did.

Things I looked forward to every day ~ studying astronomy, listening to music – especially classical, reading, reading and reading, eating, watching my favorite TV shows ~ made life tolerable. I had one very close friend, and her friendship showed me that I wasn’t so bad after all. I was mostly ignored throughout high school, which was fine with me. Under the radar was safe. Kids still did make fun of me sometimes, but girls were more interested in other things by then anyway. Looking back, it would have been so much fun doing the things teenage girls do with their friends. I had my one friend though, and we had great times together. We were inseparable, like sisters. That ended when she started dating. She had a guy make a crank call to me and tell me she hates me. I knew she was behind it. To this day I don’t know why she felt the need to do that.

My lack of confidence has been the most difficult to overcome. That and a negative self-image. I’m still learning, but the most life-changing realization I’ve discovered is that looking to others to define you or validate you doesn’t work. All I succeeded in doing was to reinforce my negative beliefs about myself.

After a few decades of successes and failures of self- evolution – (trying to prove I’m loveable by looking for validation from men clearly has been disastrous!) – I’ve arrived here, where you’ve found me. Helping you makes everything leading up to this moment totally worth it!

Now, I wish more than anything to be my own big sister – the evolved, mature, wise, confident, secure-in-herself [chick] that scared little girl needed but didn’t have. Obviously that’s impossible. BUT helping other women of all ages is pretty damn close.

I welcome you with open arms to Tala Arts.


Are you happy with your body, dearest? If you are, fantastic. If not, what needs to change? Often, what happens within us – our thoughts and emotions – are manifested in our appearance. The first step in recreating your body is to reprogram your beliefs. Let me show you how.


What your mind believes, you can achieve. Are your thoughts in harmony with your purpose? Or are you like I was, knowing intellectually what you want to do, yet unable to because of old, outdated, or wrong beliefs? Do you feel an internal civil war inside your head? I know. It was that way with me for decades. Doors opened when I found the key of self-acceptance, and learnined what can be changed and what can’t. Let me help you find your keys!


Your spirit is a limitless source of knowledge, strength, and connectivity. It can also be mysterious. It’s not something most of us learn until we make a conscious decision to. Your spirituality is unique to you. I will respectfully guide you on your own soulful path.

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Are You Ready To Be the Best Version of You? Horray!! Here You Go.....In 3.....2.....1.....

L A U N C H !!!

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